The Heir – Review


Title – The Heir

Author – Kiera Cass

Publisher – HarperTeen

Pages- 356 (paperback)

Published –May 5th 2015

Series – The Selection (4/5, Completed)


6 October 2017


“You can be brave and still be feminine. You can lead and still love flowers. Most importantly, you can be queen and still be a bride.”

To say that I disliked the narrator of this novel is quite frankly an understatement. Eadlyn is a mess. She brags and bitches and acts like a spoilt child. We can see this especially when innocent Josie tries to borrow a tiara from Eadlyn and she goes crazy, like a toddler who cannot share a toy.

This is all worsened by the fact that Eadlyn doesn’t even want the Selection. She is furious about her parents wanting her to run one in the first place. The scene where she eliminates a significant amount of her Selection is a mess, she’s rude and insolent, forcing the men to be publicly embarrassed and making fun of them in the process.

The issue with Eadlyn not wanting her Selection is that there is no need for it to succeed. Even if the selection does fail, she won’t care, meaning that there is no clear end-point to the series.

Despite all this, I do feel that The Heir is the best structured of the Selection books. This is probably to do with the fact that this is Cass’ fifth novel, and she better knows how to write with a strong structure now.

Even though Eadlyn is very spoilt and annoying, her perspective is interesting. She is running the Selection, so actually has decisions to make. In the first three books, a lot of time was spent with America waiting for Maxon to ask her out. She also does grow throughout the novel, though I just wish that she never had to be so infuriating to begin with.

Overall, if you loved the first three books then it is worth picking up this one too, but if the series was never your cup of tea, give this one a miss.




Buy on Amazon:
The Heir (The Selection, Book 4)

P.S. Great to be back! xx

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