The Gate Guardian’s Daughter – Review

The gate guardians daughter

Title – The Gate Guardian’s Daughter

Author – K.T. Munson

Publisher –Createspace

Pages- 28 (Paperback)

Published – May 20th 2017

Series – The Gate Trilogy (Prequel) (0.5/3, Uncompleted)


21 July 2017

*Disclaimer: I was given this book by the author in return for an honest review, all my thoughts are my own.*


“She didn’t have any friends and didn’t try to play with the children she was observing because she was a very dangerous young girl — or at least that is what Malthael told her. It wasn’t as though she’d ever hurt anyone. But Malthael insisted that she could and should, therefore, be kept away from people until she was older. Elisabeth didn’t like it, but she loved her papa and didn’t want to make him angry.” 



The Gate Guardian’s Daughter is a short novella about an adventure had by Elizabeth, a child who is adoptive daughter to Malthael, the Gate Guardian.

Elizabeth is isolated not just geographically but mentally too. She is different from regular children, who are humorously dubbed ‘Planet Dwellers’, as she lives in a land of magic. Because she is different, she cannot interact with other children and is therefore very lonely. So when a boy called Liam turns up one day, Elizabeth is immediately enthralled and in need of his friendship.

The magic system in this series is one of my favourite aspects of the story. I loved to learn about the different types of magical creatures and loved characters like Tess who where human-like in some aspects, but very magical in others.

My main issue with this novel is the pacing. The description is lacking as there simply isn’t enough of it. Though events happening quickly made the pace break-neck, there wasn’t enough time for us to realise what is going on or for any tension to be built before the event is over. This made the entire flow of the story feel stilted and strange, if events were fleshed out more, I think I would have enjoyed the story a heck of a lot more.

I did love the characters though. I think that my favourite character was Malthael. He just seems really interesting and his relationship with Elisabeth is probably the most believable part of the whole novella. I really hope that he will be in the rest of the series.

Overall, a great little story that you’ll read in ten minutes, it’s fast and fun and I really recommend it!


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The Gate Guardian’s Daughter (The Gate Trilogy – Prequel)

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