Snow like Ashes – Review


Title – Snow Like Ashes

Author – Sara Raasch

Publisher – Balzer + Bray

Pages- 416 (Hardcover)

Published –October 14th 2014

Series – Snow Like Ashes (1/3, Completed)

12 April 2017

For me, the most important part  of a fantasy book is the world building. I find that this can often make the first novel in a series drag and that’s fine, because it will pick up in later instalments. A balance can be found however by stirring in action and character development, effectively diluting this heavy world building that often comes in exposition (we all know those pages long speeches from the token old guy).

Snow like ashes definitely attempts this balance, but the way that it is completed makes the novel feel stilted and awkward at times. Theres lots of exposition, lots of action and some character development, but these parts don’t blend together well. It’s always quite obvious if we’re in world building time or fight time and the two rarely come together.

Another issue I have is with the pacing. I feel like we didn’t spend nearly enough time in the palace (most of Meira’s time here is summarised in one sentence) and that the battle and her journey to the work camp seem really rushed. I think one of the reasons for this is that the series seems to be forcing itself into 3 books. I would have much preferred if things were  more fleshed out and this novel would have ended with the battle.

Now for the characters. Meira isn’t revolutionary but I do like her, hopefully the events of this book will force her to grow and our Ice Like Fire Meira will have a bit more to her. Mather is a little cinnamon roll. I love him so much and he’s so sweet, but I honestly have no idea how this bro is supposed to become a king. His little outbursts of kingliness seem so out of character and just wrong.

Theron is a kind of default hot guy insta-love-because-we-need-a-love-triangle character. I think Meira spending more time in the palace would also fix this as these two would have more time together, possibly separated from Mather, which I think is necessary if I’m supposed to see him as a genuine love interest.

My favourite part of the book is definitely the kingdom and magic system. You can practically taste the rich history because of the way that Raasch has weaved it into the narrative.

All in all Snow Like Ashes is a fun read and I really did have fun reading it which is why I have given in quite a high score. It definitely has issues, but they don’t ruin the story for me.

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