Unfathomable Chance – Review

unfathomable chance

Title – Unfathomable Chance

Author – K.T. Munson

Publisher –Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages- 194 (ebook)

Published – September 30th 2016

Series –Unfathomable Chance (1/?, Uncompleted)

27 March 2017

*Disclaimer: I was given this book by the author in return for an honest review, all my thoughts are my own.*

Some of my favourite books are short. I’m a big fan of novellas and I always have respect for authors who are able to tell a compelling tale in under 200 pages; Unfathomable Chance is no exception.

The main part of the narrative begins on our MC’s birthday. She’s called Diana, and boy does she have some sass! Diana gets a mysterious bracelet locked on her wrist and she can’t get it off, maybe that’s because she is the Bearer of the Universe.

I loved Diana as a leading lady, she has great relationships with those around her. I particularly enjoyed how she didn’t take many things too seriously. A heavily sci-fi oriented story can quite easily get bogged down in itself, Diana helped to relieve some of this tension.

Now for some of the other characters. Of course, being the crazy cat lady I am, my favourite character was Kal Zed. He’s a freaking talking cat, how can I not. (He also kinda hates hugs, my cat is the same lol). Dimar: A+. Bit of a jackass at first, but he obviously cares for Diana And that bod. Bro.

One of my only complaints for this one would be the chapter lengths, they’re too short. This can make the flow of the narrative seem quite stilted, like it keeps starting and stopping. We are whipped around from place to place in this book, which is kind of the point, but sometimes it’s necessary to just stop in one place and take in the world. For a similar reason I would prefer a bit more description too; I really am being picky here though!

I love how Munson is able to twist a new universe of people around out familiar world and her characters and dialogue are A+.


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