The One – Review


Title – The One

Author – Kiera Cass

Publisher – Harper Collins

Pages- 323 (Hardcover)

Published -May 6th 2014

Series – The Selection (3/3, Completed)

6 March 2017

A novel can be many things, but what it all boils down to is plot and characters.

The majority of novels will have one of these as the main driving force of the narrative, and a great novel will keep the two in a perfect balance throughout.

The reason why I bring this up is because The One is a novel that tries so desperately to be plot driven. In the final instalment of The Selection series, we see the addition of new plot points such as the rebels and an emphasis on politics.

But none of these many plot points can sustain the story, so The One is left struggling to find what it wants to do with itself. The paramilitary organisation of the Northern rebels is so vague it’s barely mentionable. They want to change how the country is run, but they don’t have a decent system to replace the class system. It’s no wonder America bought into these vague plans, as she too wants to change her world, but has no idea how she is going to do it.

Though it is my opinion that the novel fails in its goals, this doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Ignoring author intent, this novel is a strong character driven work.

Excluding America, due to her fickle indecisive tendencies, the characters in this series are great. Maxon has really come into his own in this book, and Kiera has fleshed out his story which, at least to me, makes some of his choices more understandable (I do wish he would grow a bit of a stronger spine though and stand up to his father). I still love Marlee and Celeste became more human to me.

We did also have the good ol’ ‘kill off a tonne of characters at the climax, because this party’s gotta end’, which is sort of predictable if I’m being honest (any one else predict the Queen’s death??).

So all in all, I liked the book. It wasn’t superb, wasn’t too bad either.

I’m just glad that this series has come to a reasonable conclu-

Oh fuck there are more.


p.s. Sorry for being so shit at updating; school is hard.

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7 thoughts on “The One – Review

  1. Angelica (TheBookCoverGirls) says:

    Great review! I was really annoyed yet totally unsurprised by the whole “kill everyone at the end” thing. It’s like she realized that her word count was reaching its max and decided to just have everyone die instead of writing them actual endings. Are you planing on reading The Heir?

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