The Selection – Review


Title – The Selection

Author – Kiera Cass

Publisher – Harper Collins

Pages- 336 (Hardcover)

Published -April 24th 2012

Series – The Selection (1/3, Completed)

22 Jan 2017

They say you cant judge a book by its cover, this couldn’t be less true for The Selection.

In a future United States, members of society are split into ‘castes’ that determine what they are allowed to be. One is royalty, eight is homeless. Our main girl America is a five.

America is invited to compete for a place in ‘The Selection’ a reality TV show competition, where the victorious girl wins the hand of Prince Maxon. Of course, America ends up in this competition (after a messy breakup with boyfriend Aspen), and we’re whisked off to a beautiful palace, where our story truly begins.

Overall I liked this book. The caste system is interesting,  I had fun experiencing palace life with America, though the whole ‘rebel’ aspect of the book felt a little off to me: ‘Oh look there are rebels trying to kill us! Now back to pretty dresses.’

One of the main problems this story has, is America. I love her in moments (when she kneed Maxon in the ‘royal jewels’ I burst out laughing on public transport) and I think she’s infuriating in others. She often acts headstrong and means to do things and then Cass has her conveniently forget to do them for plot convenience.

By the end of this book I felt concerned over how many girls we still have left though, something big will have to happen in the sequels to warrant two more books for this competition.

So yes, The Selection is what it seems from the cover, pretty girls in pretty dresses, but the characters are great, I love to hate Celeste and love to love Marlee, and the world is intriguing. I hope we get to explore more aspects of the rebellion in future volumes, and that we will soon know who will become Queen of Illéa.




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2 thoughts on “The Selection – Review

  1. Marie @KookBookery says:

    YES! Hello there, my friend. Everyone on Maxon’s side is my friend. 😉
    I really love the way you write your reviews. It’s interesting to read. I am looking forward to your review on the sequels, most especially the 4th and 5th one. I have something to say about it but I don’t wanna spoil you. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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