The Infinite Sea – Review


Title – The Infinite Sea

Author – Rick Yancey

Publisher – Penguin

Pages- 320 (Hardcover)

Published -September 16th 2014

Series – The Fifth Wave (2/3, Completed)

15 Jan 2017


When I first decided to read this series I was told that the second book would be a disappointment and being my stubborn self, I declined to judge a book before I had read it.

Well now I have.

My problems with The Infinite Sea are not that it is a bad book, I think that it is an okay book, but my major problem is that it is not a finished novel.

The Infinite sea needed a much heavier editorial hand. Particularly, the first 100 pages, as these quite frankly do not need to be here.

The first two acts, one from Ringer’s point of view, the other from Cassie’s are lazy. They re-use the same dialogue and tell the same story, which would be fine if each character had an interesting viewpoint on the events. Neither of them do.

We meet the gang in a decrepit hotel, several miles away from Camp Haven. Ben is recovering form his Ringer-inflicted injury, Cassie is coming to terms with what the events of book one have done to her brother and Teacup is, well, Teacup.

I understand that this needed to be set up, but I do not understand why it could not be done in a couple chapters, rather then dragging it out over nearly the first third of the book so that when the real action hits the reader is bored and irritated, if they’re still reading at all.

After this point though, the story does pick up. I enjoyed Grace as a character and I thought that Evan had a decent amount of character development because of the parallels that he could draw from his time caring for Cassie and his time being cared for by Grace.

By the time we reach ‘Book Two’ I was actually interested in what is happening with Ringer and it felt well timed as opposed to the parts in her point of view earlier that felt forced.

Overall, I did not hate The Infinite Wave. It was a let down when compared to the first book, and had an odd mix of being too long and too short simultaneously, but it is not a game changer for me.

I will proceed on to book three with caution, and hopefully won’t regret my current optimism that Yancey can send us out on a high.


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4 thoughts on “The Infinite Sea – Review

  1. katreadsalot says:

    The first chapters were IRRELEVANT for me. The dialogues were unnecessarily long. I did feel like the latter part made up for the whole book. I was so invested in Ringer’s story, and of course shipping her with Razor! I did have a few problems with the ending. I don’t know what exactly to feel, but it felt like it wasn’t executed well now that I look back to the story. ANYWAYS, I still want to read the last book because I NEEEED CLOSURE. Good review btw!!! =)


    • bettybookreviews says:

      Ahh thank you ^.^

      Yes that first part was rough!!

      I need to find a good ship name for them….

      Ranger?? Rizor??

      My review for The Last Star will be up in a couple weeks, I’m taking a break from the series to take in what’s happened 🙂

      Happy Reading x

      Liked by 1 person

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