The Fifth Wave – Review


Title – The Fifth Wave

Author – Rick Yancey

Publisher – Penguin

Pages- 457 (Hardcover)

Published – May 7th 2013

Series – The Fifth Wave (1/3, Completed)

8 Jan 2017

So this was a good one. The Fifth Wave is action packed, teeming with alien invasion-y goodness and has just enough twists to keep the pages turning.

This novel contains multiple protagonists (something that I did not know before picking it up) and these sections are split by acts. I like the splitting by act because it gives us a longer time with each character, and can get rid of some confusion over who’s narrating that many readers experience when the protagonist switches at the end of every chapter, think Allegiant.

Our main protagonist is Cassie, short for Cassiopeia. Her voice is strong and youthful. She has experienced terror and heartbreak at the hand of the invaders, dealing with the deaths of both parents and being separated from her young brother Sammy.

We join Cassie alone and afraid in the woods. By page thirteen she has killed a fellow survivor, because she feared he was an alien. This is the world we are dealing with, one where a sixteen year old girl will murder in cold blood because of the monsters she fears.

And Yancey doesn’t let up. This first act is an emotional rollercoaster as we switch between post invasion Cassie, and Cassie’s life before the invasion. Being hunted in the woods; awkward dates with boys.

The Fifth wave is highly enjoyable, and I recommend it to all. I flew through the nearly 500 pages in three days and it left a lasting impression. I hope the other books in the series will be just as good and that Yancey can pull off a three book series.


Buy on Amazon:
The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave, Book 1)


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